Hackers posted 13 files belonging to the association on their resources, the NBC channel notes.

The U.S. National Rifle Association (NRA) has been subjected to a cyberattack using a ransomware virus. This was reported by NBC with reference to data posted on a website associated with cybercriminals.

According to NBC, hackers posted 13 files on their resources, which, according to them, belong to the NRA. Most of the stolen documents relate to grants funded from the budget of the rifle association. If the ransom requested by hackers is not paid, cybercriminals threaten to publish other stolen files. NBC does not cite the amount requested by cybercriminals.

The TV company claims that hackers united in the Grief group are behind the attack on the NRA. According to experts interviewed by NBC, we are talking about a collective formerly called Evil Corp, which the US authorities associate with the Russian Federation and against which the U.S. Treasury imposed sanctions in 2019. Bloomberg previously claimed that since the introduction of sanctions, Evil Corp could have changed its name to avoid restrictions.

The press service of the NRA did not comment on the information about the alleged cyberattack to the journalists of the TV company. At the same time, the head of the press service of the rifle association indicated on Twitter that the NRA “does not discuss issues related to its physical or electronic security.” According to him, the National Assembly takes “extraordinary measures to protect information concerning its members, sponsors, and activities.”