CNN, citing a military source, reports that the United States secretly conducted a successful test of a hypersonic missile in mid-March, but did not report it in order to “avoid increasing tensions with Russia.”

It is noted that the missile test occurred during the preparation of US President Joe Biden for a visit to Europe, during which he also visited Poland, where he visited a Ukrainian refugee camp.

“The United States successfully tested a hypersonic missile in mid-March, but remained silent for two weeks to avoid increasing tensions with Russia when President Joe Biden was going to travel to Europe,” the TV channel reported, citing a knowledgeable defense source.

According to the TV channel, the United States launched a Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept (HAWC) rocket version of Lockheed Martin. The launch was carried out from a B-52 bomber.

The source said that the rocket flew more than 480 kilometers at an altitude of more than 19 kilometers. The HAWC hypersonic missile concept does not carry a warhead, instead uses its kinetic energy to destroy the target.

In early April, the United States canceled a previously postponed test of the Minuteman-III intercontinental ballistic missile due to a desire to avoid “misinterpretation and communication” against the background of the situation around Ukraine. Prior to that, the cancellation of the test was reported in early March.