Chuck Schumer noted that experts are already working to convert Joe Biden’s request into a bill.

The leader of the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate, Chuck Schumer (from New York state), expects that the upper house will begin work on a legislative initiative on the allocation of additional American aid to Ukraine next week. He said this at a meeting in the Senate, broadcast by the C-SPAN TV channel.

“We are obliged to show support by approving the next package of financial assistance to Ukraine in an emergency situation,” Schumer said. He stated that U.S. President Joe Biden had previously “officially sent a request for the allocation of $33 billion.” According to the senator, experts are already working to “transform this request into a bill.” “I hope that agreements between the two parties can be reached very soon, and the Senate will be able to begin processing this aid package at a meeting next week,” he added.

Schumer said that he intends to seek the inclusion in the bill of a provision on the possibility of confiscation of assets of Russian businessmen in order to sell them and transfer the proceeds to Kiev. According to him, we are talking, in particular, about the confiscation in the United States of yachts, mansions and other property from Russian entrepreneurs, against whom Washington had previously imposed sanctions.

Biden last week sent a request to Congress to allocate an additional $33 billion to support Ukraine in the “areas of security, economy, and humanitarian assistance.”