The U.S. Supreme Court refused to block the Texas law on the timing of abortions

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to block a law adopted in Texas that prohibits abortions when a fetal heartbeat is detected, CNBC reported, citing the court’s vote.

It is noted that five of the nine judges of the Supreme Court voted against blocking the law.

Earlier it was reported that, according to the bill that came into force, it is prohibited to have an abortion in Texas if the fetus already has a heartbeat. An exception to this is not cases where conception occurred as a result of rape or incest. The only case when a woman can have an abortion without violating the law is if there is a “medical emergency.” The law allows citizens to file lawsuits against persons who perform abortions and those who help pregnant women break the law. U.S. President Joe Biden criticized this law.

According to opponents of the bill, banning abortions at such an early date is tantamount to banning abortions in general. They claim that 90% of women who go to clinics for abortions are more than six weeks pregnant. Previously, most abortions were banned in Texas for about 20 weeks.

Earlier, Idaho banned abortions at the fifth to sixth week, when the fetus has a heartbeat. The governor of Arizona has signed a law prohibiting abortions solely because of the presence of genetic abnormalities in the fetus.

At the federal level, abortions have been allowed since 1973 by a decision of the U.S. Supreme Court. Several states have passed laws seriously restricting or de facto prohibiting abortions altogether.

 The question of whether to allow or prohibit abortion is still politically motivated in the United States, opponents and supporters of abortion are actively campaigning in society, and the position of politicians on this issue seriously affects the prospects of their election.

Supporters of abortion claim the right of women to dispose of their bodies independently and that an embryo in the early stages of formation cannot be considered a human person. They also point out that the ban on abortions can lead to the criminalization of this operation and the death of numerous women who try to terminate a pregnancy in violation of the law. Opponents of abortion refer to religious prescriptions and the concept that a person’s life begins from the moment of conception. They consider abortion an immoral act or even a crime.

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