Moderna Company announced the development of vaccines against cancer, herpes and smallpox.

The biotechnology company Moderna from the USA, specializing in the production of drugs based on matrix RNA, announced the development of three new vaccines: from smallpox, oncology and herpes. This is reported on the official website of the organization.

According to representatives of the company, the creation of mRNA-1608 vaccination against the second type of herpes simplex, which is usually based on human genitals, will also be able to provide cross-protection against HSV-1, which also lives on the face and in the oral cavity.

The second mRNA-4359 vaccine is aimed at preventing the occurrence of melanoma (skin cancer). The mechanism of operation of this drug is based on the protection of checkpoints, which are affected by cancer cells, which prevent a full-fledged immune response of the body.

MRNA-1468 will prevent infection with chickenpox, which provokes an exacerbation of shingles, expressed in skin rashes, and in some cases leads to damage to the central nervous system and paralysis.