As noted in the Department of State, the authorities are not going to use unilateral steps as bait to resume discussions.

The United States will not take unilateral measures such as sanctions relief to return Iran to negotiations on a nuclear deal. This was stated on Monday by the head of the press service of the U.S. Department of State, Ned Price, at a regular briefing for journalists.

“We have made it very clear, from whatever side you look at it, that we are not ready and will not take unilateral steps as bait just to get negotiations going,” he said, answering a question about the possibility of easing sanctions.

“A mutual return to compliance with the agreements is in the interests of the United States, it is in the interests of the other members of the five plus one group [Russia, Great Britain, Germany, China, and France], and this, as the previous Iranian governments concluded, is in the interests of Tehran, if we can achieve this,” Price believes.

Earlier, the Axios portal, citing sources in the United States and Israel, reported that Washington is considering the possibility of concluding an interim agreement with Tehran. According to two sources of the portal in the United States, the idea is to offer Iran to suspend its nuclear activities in exchange for unfreezing part of Iranian assets or granting exemptions from sanctions in the field of food products.