This was stated by the head of the British cabinet Boris Johnson.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Wednesday that new agreements had been reached with Sweden and Finland to strengthen European security.

The UK will support the armed forces of both countries if they are attacked.

Johnson’s visits to Sweden and Finland are taking place on Wednesday. During these visits, new declarations are signed, which the UK described as “a step forward in cooperation in the field of defense and security.”

“We strongly declare that in the event of a catastrophe or an attack on Sweden, the UK will come to Sweden’s aid, providing it with everything it needs,” Johnson said after meeting with Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine forced Sweden and Finland to reconsider their approach to ensuring national security. Both countries are considering joining NATO, but since it can take up to a year to process their applications, Sweden and Finland fear they will be vulnerable during the waiting period.

“In times of crisis, cooperation becomes even more important,” Andersson told reporters at a joint press conference with Johnson. – If one of the countries is affected by a disaster or an attack, then the UK and Sweden will help each other in various ways. Assistance will be provided at the request of the affected country and may include military resources.”

Sweden and Finland also received assurances of support from the United States and Germany.

The UK statement notes that the new agreements will intensify the exchange of intelligence and accelerate joint military exercises and troop deployments.

Sweden and Finland maintain close ties with the United Kingdom and are part of the Joint Expeditionary Force, a multinational military coalition dedicated to ensuring security in the regions of the Far North, the North Atlantic and the Baltic Sea.

However, the war in Ukraine has increased fears in Stockholm and Helsinki that bilateral agreements will not replace Article 5 of the NATO Charter, which guarantees that an attack on one member state will be considered an attack on all.

In the coming days, Sweden and Finland will announce their intentions regarding possible NATO membership.