Almost four and a half million tons of grain is blocked in the ports of Ukraine. The products cannot be exported due to the closed sea routes against the background of the Russian armed invasion. This was stated by the representative of the UN World Food Program Martin Frick, writes the agency dpa.

Before the war, Ukraine was one of the world’s largest wheat exporter and corn producer. Many countries depend on the supply of Ukrainian wheat, the UN notes.

“Hunger should not be a weapon,” Frick said. He called for the resumption of Ukrainian food supplies to other countries in order to mitigate the global food crisis.

Western countries have repeatedly warned of a possible food crisis and famine in a number of countries due to Russia’s war with Ukraine, since both of these states are leading grain exporters. In March, the UN recorded an increase in food prices by more than 12 percent. This has been a record since 1990.

A sharp rise in food prices and interruptions in supplies from Russia and Ukraine have jeopardized the food situation in the Middle East, Africa and some regions of Asia, where the population is constantly malnourished, and where millions of people survive on subsidized bread and cheap noodles.