The UN Security Council is not yet considering excluding the Taliban movement from some terrorists and changing its status, a source in the international organization said.

The journalists asked whether it is possible to exclude the Taliban from the list of militants to recognize their status and power in Afghanistan. “So far, there are no such conversations,” the UN estimated. At the same time, the Security Council is closely monitoring the situation with the change of leadership in the country.

The Security Council has classified the Taliban as a terrorist organization and does not recognize the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. The situation in the state has worsened in recent weeks. On Sunday, August 15, it became known that the rebels control all border crossings. On the same day, the Taliban took control of the presidential palace in Kabul. The head of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, left the country “to prevent a massacre.” Later, the Taliban announced that the war in Afghanistan was over, and the form of government would be known later.

After the seizure of power in Afghanistan, hundreds of Afghans headed to Kabul International Airport to flee the country.