The world needs a “new global compact” that will create a more just world order on Earth, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said.

“The coronavirus pandemic has revealed a sad gap between self-interest and the interests of society, as well as huge gaps in governance structures and ethical frameworks,” Free News quoted the Secretary-General as saying.

To eliminate these shortcomings, it is necessary to conclude a new social contract, Guterres said.

“We need a new global compact that ensures a broader and fair distribution of power, wealth, and opportunities at the international level,” the UN chief said.

Education and digital technologies should become factors that equalize people’s opportunities, the Secretary-General said. “Governments should prioritize equal access, from early learning to continuing education, “Guterres said.

By 2030, education spending in low-and middle-income countries needs to double to $ 3 trillion a year.

“The new social contract concluded between governments, people, civil society, businesses, and other stakeholders should cover the issues of employment, sustainable development, and social protection based on equal rights and opportunities for all,” the head of the organization added.

It is also necessary to regulate the labor market in combination with a constructive dialogue between employers and workers, and this should help to improve pay and working conditions.
Guterres warned that if the Treaty is not adopted, the world will face “even greater inequality and lack of solidarity.”

Recall that on July 1, the UN Security Council supported the call of the Secretary-General of the organization, Antonio Guterres, for a ceasefire in all conflicts against the background of the coronavirus pandemic, the members of the Security Council adopted a resolution to this effect.