The President of the United States Donald Trump said that the decision to impose new duties on Mexico postponed indefinitely and spoke about the agreement to which the parties came.

“Mexico, in turn, has agreed to take decisive measures to stop the flow of migration through Mexico and to our southern border,” Trump wrote on Twitter. According to him, it is necessary to fight against illegal migration.

In particular, Mexico has agreed to accept more migrants seeking asylum in the United States while they wait for the decision of the American authorities, FreeNews writes, citing the Declaration on the results of negotiations between Washington and Mexico.

At the end of May, Trump announced that on June 10, the US will impose duties of 5% on all goods exported from Mexico. The President also threatened that duties would rise until the flow of illegal migrants from Mexico stopped.

He explained this step not only by the fight against illegal migration but also by countering drug trafficking. According to trump, 90% of drugs coming to the US arrive across the border with Mexico.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico called trump’s decision catastrophic. “Therefore, Mexico will not sit idly by until June 10. If this happens, we will have to respond vigorously,” said Deputy Minister Jesus Sid.

The US President has repeatedly called the situation on the southern border of the country a humanitarian crisis. To fight against illegal immigrants, he proposes to build a wall on the border with Mexico, but Congress does not support this initiative.

The controversy over funding the construction of the wall between lawmakers and the White House last year led to the longest shutdown in US history. Later, the parties agreed on a budget, and Trump decided to get funding for the wall from the Pentagon budget, declaring a state of emergency. However, this decision was blocked by the courts.