A $200 million aid package was almost completely sent, the Pentagon said.

The U.S. administration has completed the transfer of a $350 million package of military assistance to Kyiv, and a $200 million package of assistance has been almost completely sent. This was announced on Thursday by Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby at a regular briefing.

He was asked to comment on criticism from Ukrainian lawmakers in connection with the delay in supplies.

“No, we do not agree that they are being delayed. Quite the opposite. We have completed the transfer of [a $350 million military aid package, which was approved by [U.S. President Joe] Biden a month or so ago. And it was done in a record three weeks or so, and it’s unprecedented. As for the $200 million [aid] that he approved shortly after, its delivery is almost complete at the moment. I think there may be one batch or so left,” Kirby noted. Speaking about the U.S. military aid worth $800 million, the spokesman stressed that it has already begun to arrive in Ukraine.

The Pentagon claims that it does not give recommendations to the Ukrainian military, but provides information.