They were taken to prevent an escalation of tension, a representative of the US administration said.

The US authorities continue to review their policy towards the DPRK to prevent an escalation of tensions. Washington has been trying to contact Pyongyang “through various channels” for almost a month but has not yet received a response. This was announced by a high-ranking representative of the US administration.

“To reduce the risk of escalation, we have been contacting the DPRK authorities through several channels since mid-February, including in New York. To date, we have not received a response from Pyongyang,” he said, stressing that there has been no “active dialogue” with the DPRK for more than a year, “despite some attempts to cooperate on the part of the United States.” Washington expects to complete this review of North Korea policy “in the coming weeks.”

Washington expects to complete the aforementioned interagency review of North Korea policy “in the coming weeks.” As part of this process, the US authorities intend to “evaluate all available options to counter the growing threat posed by the DPRK to its neighbors and the international community as a whole.”

“We continue to conduct a structured and detailed < … > process that brings together different points of view in the government, and also includes the input of think tanks and experts from outside. We have consulted with many former government officials related to North Korea policy, including several previous administrations. Throughout the process, we have engaged and will continue to engage with our allies in Japan and South Korea. We have listened carefully to their ideas, including in the framework of trilateral consultations,” the US official said.