The United States called Russia the largest military threat in the next ten years

Russia will remain the main military threat to NATO countries in the foreseeable future, Julianne Smith, who was nominated for the post of the permanent representative of the United States to the North Atlantic Alliance, said at a congressional hearing.

“Russia remains the biggest geopolitical threat to the Euro-Atlantic region and will certainly remain the biggest military threat to the NATO alliance for the foreseeable future and, of course, for the next decade,” Smith said.

Since 2014, when the crisis in Ukraine broke out, the alliance, according to her, has achieved a lot in terms of strengthening its capabilities to resist Moscow, but much remains to be done.

“The Russian aggression continues, we must hold Russia accountable for all its actions taken using all its tools, whether it is conventional capabilities, intrusions into NATO airspace, acts of intimidation, or cyber-attacks,” the official added.

She also promised to work with allies to neutralize the undesirable consequences for the United States of the commissioning of the “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline. The candidate for the diplomatic post called it a “bad deal” and a “geopolitical project” that undermines the energy security of Europe and, first of all, Ukraine.

In addition, Smith noted that she would continue to raise “difficult questions” before Turkey and convince it of the inadmissibility of buying S-400 air defense systems in Russia.

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