The CNN channel notes that some of the refugees will be settled with American families participating in charity programs.

The American authorities are working to resettle in the cities of the United States about 55,600 Afghan refugees who were evacuated to U.S. military bases abroad. CNN reported this.

According to him, the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden is launching a program that will allow Afghans who have arrived in the country to settle in cities and work as a support network for government departments. In addition, the American authorities are working on restoring migrant centers, a significant part of which was closed during the presidency of Donald Trump. “To be honest, this is an amazing opportunity to do what our veterans asked for – to arrange a safe and dignified reception for Afghans who served shoulder to shoulder with us in Afghanistan and now want to build their lives here,” the channel quotes former Delaware Governor Jack Markell, who temporarily oversees this program.

It is assumed that some of the families will be settled with American families participating in charity programs. Refugees will also have the right to receive $2,275 in a lump sum, and the authorities will also help arrange for Afghan children to attend local schools.

According to The Washington Post, since August 17, more than 60 thousand Afghans have been evacuated to the United States from among those who provided various assistance to American troops at one time. On October 7, the Pentagon reported that the American government had resumed the evacuation of Afghan citizens to the United States.