The Pentagon said that the United States had not received requests from the Afghan military for airstrikes.

The U.S. authorities have evacuated about 17 thousand people from Afghanistan since August 14. This was stated on Saturday at a regular briefing at the Pentagon by General Hank Taylor, who, in particular, is responsible for logistics issues during the U.S. evacuation of people from the Afghan capital.

“Since the beginning of the evacuation operation on August 14, we have taken out about 17 thousand people,” he said. Taylor added that since the end of July, about 22 thousand people had left the country thanks to the efforts of the U.S. military.


The U.S. authorities have not received requests from the forces opposing the radical Taliban movement in Afghanistan to launch airstrikes on the territory of the country. “No one is considering or talking about it; there have been no such requests at the moment,” Taylor said, answering a journalist’s question about whether there were relevant requests from the Afghan military or anyone else.

Taylor added that the U.S. military retains the necessary capabilities for launching airstrikes.

In turn, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby noted that “the mission of the United States troops in Kabul is to protect the Kabul airport and provide air traffic to be able to take people out.”