According to the AP agency, the certificate will also be required when crossing water borders.

Since January 22, the U.S. authorities intend to extend the requirement to provide a vaccination certificate to foreigners crossing the country’s land border out of necessity, and not for tourism purposes. This was reported by the Associated Press (AP), citing sources.

As the agency explains, this category includes citizens of foreign states who are forced to cross the border for official reasons, such as truckers, representatives of foreign states, and their authorities to combat various emergency situations. The rule does not apply to persons with a residence permit. The certificate, according to the source, will also be required when crossing water borders. Details will be officially released later.

It is noted that the measure against this category was postponed for several months due to fears of violations in the flows of cross-border trade with Mexico and Canada. Some industry representatives have already reacted negatively to Washington’s plans.

On November 8, the United States began to require foreigners entering the country to have a certificate of complete vaccination against coronavirus. Only certificates of vaccination with drugs approved by the U.S. medical regulator or the World Health Organization (WHO) are accepted.

As the Axios portal adds, the United States then opened the land borders with Canada and Mexico for fully vaccinated foreigners whose trip was not caused by necessity. If the plan in question is adopted, the rules will be the same for both categories, AP writes.

The intention to extend vaccination requirements to all foreigners entering the United States through land and water borders was announced on October 13 by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), but then it was about the beginning of January.