Pentagon official Dana Stroul warns Middle Eastern countries against security cooperation with Russia and China, threatening to risk the sovereignty of these countries and their relations with the United States.

“Obviously, certain countries and partners would like to dodge and test what else they could get from the United States by probing the ground for closer cooperation with the Chinese or the Russians, especially in the security and military-space areas… I would just like to warn them again that there is a point where this will turn into a strategy that will not only jeopardize your cooperation with the United States but also your state sovereignty in countries such as Lebanon,” Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Dana Stroul said during the webinar.

According to the Pentagon employee, “the choice between cooperation with the PRC and the Russian Federation or communication with the United States” for the Middle Eastern states should be obvious, and the possible benefits of such relations cannot even be compared. Earlier, the United States has repeatedly stated about the threat in the face of Russia and China. In the transitional provisions of the national security strategy, the United States called China and the Russian Federation the main threats, and China is named the main potential enemy of the United States. The regulations stated that “Beijing and Moscow have seriously invested in efforts to contain the advantages of the United States and to prevent the country from defending the interests of its own and its allies around the world.” Moscow has repeatedly stressed that Russia will never attack any of the NATO countries.