President of Ukraine Zelenskiy said that by helping Ukraine, its partners are protecting themselves from wars and crises that Russia can provoke.

The United States announced the supply of $100 million worth of military equipment to Ukraine – in addition to the $40 billion aid approved by Congress on Thursday.

The new package includes 18 howitzers and anti-artillery radar systems in addition to those already delivered to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion on February 24.

Pentagon press Secretary John Kirby said that the equipment will be available to Ukrainian troops “very, very soon.”

Taking into account the latest delivery, the volume of U.S. military aid to Ukraine will amount to almost $ 4 billion since February 24 and 6.6 billion since 2014, when Russia annexed the Ukrainian Crimea.

Kirby said that the United States would consult with Ukraine, as it often did after the invasion, about its needs in terms of equipment.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy thanked the United States for the $40 billion aid package, which received final Congressional approval on Thursday.

“This is a demonstration of powerful leadership and the necessary contribution to our common defense of freedom,” Zelenskiy said in his evening address to the country.

He also thanked the European Union for its support.

“For our partners, this is not just an expense or a gift. This is their contribution to security,” Zelenskiy said. – Because by defending Ukraine, they are defending themselves from new wars and crises that Russia may provoke if it succeeds in the war against Ukraine. Therefore, we must work together to ensure that Russian aggression against our state is not crowned with success either militarily, economically, or in any other way.”

Zelenskiy noted that Ukraine’s monthly budget is $5 billion, “therefore, in order to survive in the war for freedom, we need fast and sufficient financial support.”

The Ukrainian leader said that Russian troops have intensified attacks in the Donbas.

“There is hell there, and this is not an exaggeration,” he said in an address to the country. – The brutal and absolutely senseless bombing of Severodonetsk. Twelve dead and dozens injured in just one day.”

Zelenskiy said that the Russian strikes on the Chernihiv region in northeastern Ukraine included a terrible strike on the village of Desna, where, according to him, there are numerous victims, and rescuers are still sorting out the rubble.