General David Goldfein said verification is necessary as a precautionary measure.

The chief of staff of the US air force, General David Goldfein ordered to check the quality of training of pilots of military transport and cargo aircraft, as well as the presidential Air Force One in the light of the disaster of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 in Ethiopia.

He said that the air force command of the country intends to ensure the full readiness of military pilots to act effectively in the event of emergency situations in flight, including those involving the shutdown of the autopilot mode. Goldfein said that the inspection will be carried out as a precaution.

The order primarily concerns the crews of military aircraft C-17 and KC-46, manufactured by Boeing. The us air force is also armed with military modifications of Boeing 737 and Boeing 747 Airliners, including VC-25A (Air Force One).

The Minister of transportation Elaine Chao on Tuesday sent a request to the inspector General of the Department Calvin Scovel on the comprehensive audit of the certification of the Boeing 737 MAX 8. The head of the Ministry of transport expects that the inspector will keep her informed of the course of check at all its stages.