Finance Ministers of Japan and the United States discussed cooperation in the field of economy and security. On the agenda of the talks, Steven Mnuchin and Taro Aso was dissatisfaction with Washington’s trade imbalance, as well as the impact of US-Chinese disagreements on the global economy.

Finance Ministers of Japan Taro Aso and the US Steven Mnuchin held talks on Sunday in the Financial Department of Japan. There is a meeting of the heads of the ministries of Finance and Central banks of the country “twenty.” The organizers of the event reported it.

The US and Japan discussed cooperation between the two countries in the field of economic security, Stephen Mnuchin said on Twitter.

The Ministry of Finance of Japan stressed that the representatives of the countries also exchanged views on the world economy and the impact of discord between China and the United States.

The problem of US-Japanese relations was also touched upon. Washington requires Tokyo to increase imports from the United States. American President Trump has repeatedly stated his dissatisfaction with the deficit of his state in trade relations with Japan. Last year, it amounted to about $ 57 billion.