The US Army presented the first prototype of an effective laser weapon: it was developed in just two years.

Laser weapons look very attractive due to their almost unlimited ammo and the ability to hit distant targets.

In the United States, a short-range solid-state laser with a directed energy maneuver was developed: it was installed on the Stryker combat vehicle.

The Army Service said they have successfully completed an experimental combat firefight between two unique laser systems. During the firefight, two 50-kilowatt laser weapons were used, designed to simulate realistic threats and combat scenarios.

Laser weapons do well with unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and missiles, artillery and mortars (RAM), they also increase the army’s air and missile defense capabilities, while lowering the overall system lifecycle cost by reducing logistical requirements.

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Based on the results of the exercises, the soldiers proposed replacing the standard controller with a game one.

In the next phase of the program in 2022, it is planned to deliver four Strykers equipped with lasers.