US Attorney General William Barr said that Apple does not want to help us law enforcement agencies in catching criminals, but at the same time promotes “censorship and harassment” by Russia and China. A recording of Barr’s speech is published on YouTube.

“There have been many reports that Apple is working with the Chinese Communist Party and the Russian regime to move data centers so that the governments of these countries can organize large — scale surveillance,” he said.
According to the head of the US Department of justice, due to the fact that Apple cooperates with “authoritarian regimes”, it will have no excuses if it refuses to work together with States that have the rule of law and respect privacy and civil liberties.

Commenting on Barr’s statement, the special representative of the Russian President for international cooperation in the field of information security, head of the Department of international information security of the foreign Ministry, Andrey Krutskikh, said that such statements cause only a condescending smile. “The scale of anti-Russian accusations has reached another phase in the US, namely: beat your own people so that others are afraid. This does not characterize them well,” he said.

According to the diplomat, Russia has already offered the United States at all levels to sit down at the negotiating table and clarify mutual claims in order to develop an algorithm for a constructive analysis of all situations that arise. “However, the US is not yet ready for this. But they have matured to the point that even their businessmen in the cybersphere are beginning to raise their hand,” Krutskikh said.