US special representative for Venezuela Elliot Abrams called the scale of previously allocated aid insufficient.

US special representative for Venezuela Elliot Abrams on Thursday called on Russia and China to expand humanitarian assistance to Venezuela amid the worsening COVID-19 epidemic in the country.

“We would like them to make a more significant contribution in the humanitarian aspect,” Abrams said during a diplomatic event organized by the US mission to the UN in Geneva. – As far as I know, Russia and China have delivered a certain amount of goods in connection with COVID-19, but in dollar terms, the scale of this assistance is tiny compared to what is needed.”

According to Abrams, opposition leader Juan Guaido and his interim government will soon allocate $ 20 million in assets to the Pan-American health organization and other humanitarian organizations that they have access to in the United States. “We are close to implementing this plan, which has been slowed down by the regime,” the US special representative for Venezuela said.