Former US Ambassador John Herbst called the mistake of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, which he made on the eve of the last NATO summit.

According to Herbst, Zelensky should not have raised the issue of Ukraine’s accession to NATO, since the participating countries decided it 13 years ago in Bucharest.

“This means that the door is open for Georgia and Ukraine, but the alliance is not yet ready to work on concrete steps in this direction,” he explained.

Zelensky said that he would discuss Ukraine’s accession to NATO at a meeting with American leader Joe Biden.

On June 14, NATO released the final statement of the summit, which stated that Ukraine and Georgia will be able to join the alliance in the future. Thus, the statement confirms the decision taken at the Bucharest summit in 2008. NATO stressed that it supports the right of Ukraine and Georgia ” to independently determine their future and foreign policy course without external interference.”