Collection of personal information does harm privacy, innovation, and entrepreneurship, said David Cicilline. Internet concerns will check for compliance with Antimonopoly legislation

Verification of the US Congress in respect of Internet concerns is not focused on a specific company, but on the digital market, where is dominated large technological platforms. About this Congressman, Democrat David Cicilline said in a broadcast of Fox News channel on Sunday, June 9. He highlighted the intention of the US Congress to study the activities of Google and the social network Facebook, checking its compliance with antitrust laws.

According to Cicilline, Google controls 94% of search on mobile phones, and social networks were 2.7 billion users. The Congressman called them “monopolies” and added that they collect user data. This has a negative impact on privacy, said Cicilline.

In addition, the use of data for other purposes harms innovation and entrepreneurship, he stressed, citing as an example the “elimination of competitors” and “conduct that violates antitrust laws.” It is necessary to study this segment to understand how to strengthen competition, protect consumers and provide conditions for new players to enter the market, the Congressman summed up.

The intention of the US Congress to test competition in digital markets became known on June 3. According to US media, a similar investigation is planned to be conducted by the US Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission. After the recent reports about a possible test of the markets, leading Internet companies declined significantly.