In November 1983, the USSR placed in the GDR about a hundred aircraft loaded with nuclear weapons, ready for “immediate use,” The Drive writes, referring to declassified materials of the US State Department.

The American publication notes that such preparation of Moscow for war was the result of a “very serious misunderstanding” caused by NATO activities conducted as part of the Able Archer 83 command exercises,” during which the ability of alliance forces throughout Europe and beyond to conduct nuclear wars in a very realistic manner was tested.”

According to the Able Archer 83 exercise plan, the nuclear conflict was preceded by the use of chemical weapons by a “virtual enemy.”

According to the published materials, on the evening of November 2, 1983, the 16th Red Banner Air Army, stationed in the GDR, transferred its aircraft to a state of high combat readiness. According to the published materials, the crews of aircraft equipped with nuclear weapons were instructed to “destroy enemy targets on the first line.”

In January, the publication Over Defense, using data from the American organization Center for Naval Analyses (CNA), published a scenario of a pre-emptive NATO strike on the Kaliningrad region, which involves the elimination of four main targets in this region.