The US dissuaded Israel from a ground military operation in Gaza

Israel “was one step away from a ground invasion,” sources in the Washington administration told the newspaper Politico.

The United States has convinced Israel to abandon its ground military operation in the Gaza Strip. This was reported in its electronic version of the newspaper Politico, citing sources in the Washington administration.

According to these sources, Israel was “one step away from a ground invasion,” which could lead to a more protracted conflict. Thanks to the intervention of the United States, according to the sources of the publication, the authorities of the Jewish state abandoned these plans.

The Washington administration hopes that the escalation of tensions between Israel and Palestine is close to an end, the publication says. US officials have privately called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his aides to end the military operation against Palestinian radicals. It was after this, as the newspaper notes that Netanyahu publicly stated that there were still “several days” of fighting ahead.

From the very beginning, Washington expected the crisis to end as soon as possible, the newspaper explains. American officials have chosen a strategy of indirect pressure on Israel, avoiding official demands to stop the strikes on the Gaza Strip and attempts to resolve the conflict through the UN Security Council. However, the situation remains unpredictable, and if either side escalates the confrontation, efforts to establish a cease-fire may fail. The US is considering sending humanitarian aid to Gaza. According to Politico sources, the conflict “may end in stages” – with a temporary cessation of rocket attacks to provide humanitarian assistance.

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