The United States has more than 95% completed the process of withdrawing its armed forces from Afghanistan, according to a statement issued on Tuesday by the Central Command of the US Armed Forces.

“The process of withdrawal of troops continues. According to the estimates of the Central Command, we have completed the withdrawal process by more than 95%,” the statement says.

It also notes that the US military has already transferred control over seven objects to the Afghan Defense Ministry, which they previously occupied themselves. In addition, about 17 thousand units of American equipment were transferred to the Pentagon’s logistics department for subsequent liquidation. Most of this equipment consists of non-lethal means of defense.

On the eve it became known that the United States changed the commander in Afghanistan. Command of the mission was transferred to General Frank McKenzie, who headed the Central Command.

US President Joe Biden previously announced that the US military will leave Afghanistan before September 11, 2021, thereby ending its 20-year presence in the country.