The United States has issued an ultimatum to the European Union to maintain the link of its defense policy with the interests of the country. FreeNews reported.

As we note, the United States requires to change the defense policy of Europe, as they want their companies to participate in European military projects. According to the American side, the existing norms will prevent this.

However, the EU does not agree with the requirements of the United States, as they are afraid “to be trapped in US regulations on the export of military material.” In response, the administration of American President Donald Trump noted that if the military industries of the parties can not work together, then at the right time the help of allies may not come, and Europe will have to defend itself.

Disagreements arose over the regulations of the future European Defense Fund and the armament projects of the Permanent structured cooperation (PESCO) program. It is aimed at closer cooperation in the field of security and defense.