The US Supreme court has allowed the restriction of asylum to migrants who have not met certain conditions. Free News reported.

It is noted that the court’s decision removes obstacles to the introduction of restrictions in obtaining the status of a legal migrant. Thus, refugees who entered the country from third countries, to obtain official asylum in the United States will first have to get a waiver from the States through which lay their way. As an example, residents of El Salvador and Honduras are required to first request similar status in Mexico.

US President Donald Trump supported the decision. “A great victory for the US Supreme court in restricting asylum!”- he wrote on his Twitter page.
In May 2019, US border guards arrested more than 130,000 people who came from the Mexican side: a third more than last month, and the largest monthly figure since 2006. In Washington, the situation with migration was called a crisis.

Late last year, a Federal court in Washington state in the US overturned Trump’s decree that migrants fleeing criminal gangs or domestic violence could not seek asylum.