The office of the US trade Commissioner Robert Lighthizer has published a list of goods from the EU for which additional import duties may be imposed. We are talking about goods for a total of 4 billion dollars, the management said.

In total, the list contains 89 categories of goods, in particular food and beverages (olives, fruits, meat, cheese, juices, whiskey) and industrial products, such as cast iron pipes, metals, and various chemicals. This list complements the list of products from the EU published in April in the amount of 21 billion dollars, is indicated further in the statement.

Additional fees can be imposed as a penalty measure in the conflict between Washington and Brussels, concerning subsidies by the European Union and its four States — Germany, France, Spain, and the UK — the Airbus concern, which is the main competitor of the American Boeing Corporation. According to estimates of the US government, the economy loses 11 billion dollars per year. The World Trade Organization (WTO) is now assessing Washington’s request for fees, said earlier Lighthizer.

Complaints about the legality of subsidies received by Boeing from the US and Airbus from the EU were sent to the WTO on the same day — October 6, 2004. Since then, the US and the EU have alternately accused each other of illegally providing subsidies to their aircraft manufacturers.