The US Senate included sanctions against participants in the construction of the Nord Stream – 2 and Turkish Stream gas pipelines in the draft military budget for 2020. The document is posted on the website of the Committee on armed Affairs of the upper house of the American Parliament. Restrictions against builders will preserve the energy security of Europe, the authors of the document believe. The US military budget is binding.

Specific restrictions are not specified in the document. Earlier it was reported that the sanctions against Nord stream-2 include restrictions on foreign companies that provide their vessels for laying pipes on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. In the case of Turkish Stream, we can talk about the builders of the land part, as the underwater threads of the project have already been completed.

The Nord Stream – 2 and Turkish Stream gas pipelines are to be launched in 2020. With the help of projects, Russia is trying to reduce the dependence of its energy exports on transit through Ukraine.

Brussels believes that Nord Stream 2 increases the EU’s dependence on Russian gas supplies, threatens its domestic market and violates the provisions of the EU’s energy policy.

In addition to sanctions against gas pipelines, the budget includes a provision banning the US government from recognizing Crimea as part of Russia.

The original draft document contained a clause on sanctions against Russian public debt. However, it was not included in the final version of the document.

If the builders of gas pipelines will withstand the stated terms, sanctions against them will be imposed after the completion of commissioning. This will make them ineffective.