The US Treasury has tightened sanctions against the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA. This is stated on the website of the Department.
Thus, the US banned the export and re-export of oil thinners to Venezuela. It is noted that it is necessary for the sale of heavy Venezuelan oil on the world market.
The representative of the US administration in an interview said that restrictions are imposed on possible workarounds permanent sanctions, which allow the regime of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to use PDVSA “as a cash cow.”
In addition, according to him, US authorities plan to introduce new sanctions against the Latin American country in the next few weeks.
Earlier it was reported that the Venezuelan economy has shrunk by almost half during the time of Maduro in power. So, for five years of his reign, the country’s GDP fell by 47.7 percent, and the inflation rate at the end of 2018 amounted to slightly more than 130 thousand percent.