WASHINGTON – The Trump administration promises to “counteract aggressively” Tehran’s attempts to destabilize the Middle East.

The United States has taken the first steps to support its harsh criticism of Iran by imposing new sanctions on 13 physical and 12 legal entities associated with Tehran’s missile program and its mediators in the Middle East.

The sanctions are aimed at organizations in China and the United Arab Emirates that help Tehran to obtain the technology and materials necessary to promote its ballistic missile program.

The US Treasury Department said that sanctions were imposed on both individuals and networks of businesses working with the elite Quds unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Iran-backed Lebanese terrorist group Hizbullah.

“These are only the first steps in response to the provocative behavior of Iran,” warned a senior representative of the US administration, calling Iran’s actions “unacceptable.”

“Iran has a choice, – he added. – We will work constructively with Iran when it fulfills its international obligations, but we will insist on our commitment to aggressive counteraction to Iran’s destabilizing activities.”