The State Department said that they regard them as a coup d’etat.

The United States considers the events in Myanmar a military coup and considers imposing sanctions and limited assistance to its authorities. This was stated on Tuesday at a telephone briefing for journalists by a high-ranking representative of the US State Department.

“After reviewing all the facts, we have concluded that the actions of the military in Myanmar on February 1, which overthrew the duly elected representatives of the government, constitute a military coup,” he said.

“This assessment entails certain restrictions in the field of foreign aid for the Myanmar authorities, “in addition to this, we will also conduct a broader assessment of our assistance programs to ensure that they are consistent with current developments,” another briefing presenter also said.  “We will take action against those responsible for this (military coup) individuals, including carefully consider our possibilities in the field of sanctions against the leadership of the Myanmar military and related companies,” she added.