The US is considering the possibility of transferring part of the doses of the coronavirus vaccine to other countries

We are talking about those doses that the States themselves will not need.

The US administration is considering the possibility of transferring to the authorities of other countries those doses of the vaccine against the new coronavirus that American citizens will not need. This was stated on Wednesday at the White House by US President Joe Biden.

“As for assisting foreign countries. We are in the process of doing that. We’ve been doing a little bit of this already. We are looking into what will be done with some vaccines that we don’t use. But we must make sure that it is safe before sending it [to other states],” the US leader said.

“We hope,” Biden assured, “that we can be useful to the countries of the world.” As the head of the Washington administration recalled, the American authorities have already held consultations on this topic, particularly with the countries neighboring the United States. Biden said that earlier on Wednesday, he discussed this topic in a telephone conversation with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “We are talking about other countries,” Biden said. According to him, the United States is confident that it will be able to provide such assistance primarily to the states of Central America in the future. “This [all] is in the process of [consideration],” the president repeated. However, he acknowledged, the United States currently does not have enough supplies of drugs for vaccination against the new coronavirus disease COVID-19 to begin transferring them to other States. “We don’t have enough [yet] that we can be sure [that we have the right amounts of vaccine] and transfer it abroad now,” Biden explained. “Nevertheless,” the head of the White House stressed, “I expect that we [the US authorities] will be able to [later] do this [share the vaccine with others].”

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