The administration of American President Joe Biden is considering the possibility of introducing new economic sanctions against Belarus, The Wall Street Journal newspaper reports, citing participants of events dedicated to the visit of former presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya to the United States.

According to Tikhonovskaya’s adviser Frank Vyachorka, State Department officials expressed their intention to introduce new sanctions that will affect the oil and potash sectors of the Minsk economy.

However, US officials preferred not to comment on the possible timing of the imposition of sanctions or their objects.

“We are not going to announce specific actions. But I will say that you can count on the fact that the United States, together with our partners and allies, will continue to hold the Lukashenka regime accountable for its actions, including by imposing sanctions,” the publication quotes the words of a senior official from the Biden administration.

Tikhonovskaya began a working visit to the United States on July 18. She has already met with the head of the US State Department Antony Blinken and Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, as well as with the assistant to the US President for National Security Issues Jake Sullivan.