The US is waiting for an “absolute nightmare” in the conflict with Russia and China

The United States is doomed to failure if the joint efforts of Russia and China are combined in a “desperate battle with the enemy,” writes the Global Times.

The publication notes that the new US administration is strenuously trying to turn not only American but also Western society against China, and also contributes to the growth of hotbeds of confrontation in the world.

“The United States hopes to create a fundamental opposition to global trends, with which it can forcibly organize a world order dominated by Western countries, excluding China and Russia,” the media writes.

However, the Chinese advise Washington “not to play a strategic game with fire” and warn that the current power of Russia and China is much greater than that of the once-existing military bloc of the USSR and the countries of Eastern Europe.

It is noted that currently Moscow and Beijing adhere to strategic restrictions, but if any countries want to resist them at the instigation of the United States, they will suffer a catastrophe.

“The strategic unity of China and Russia will primarily be directed against the hegemony of the Americans. Other forces should not get carried away and think that the United States is always behind them,” the publication explains. In this regard, the author calls for trying to balance relations between Beijing and Washington as much as possible, as well as to take a course to reduce confrontation with Russia.

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Author: Ivan Maltsev
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