Members of the legal Committee representing both the Democratic and the Republican parties will be able to study the documents.

WASHINGTON – The US Department of justice agreed to hand over to Congress the documents of special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, used in the consideration of whether or not President Donald trump obstructed his investigation. This was reported on Monday by the Chairman of the Legal Committee of the House of Representatives of Congress Jerrold Nadler (Democrat from New York State).

“I am pleased to announce that the US Department of Justice has agreed to begin to comply with the requirements contained in the previously issued our Committee agenda by opening for us the most important documents of Robert Mueller and providing us with key evidence that the special Prosecutor used to assess whether the President and other obstacles to justice, whether they are responsible for other offenses,” – Nadler said in a written statement.

According to the legislator, “the first of these documents” will be transferred to the Committee by the US Department of Justice on Monday. They will be able to study members of the Committee, representing both the Democratic and the ruling Republican Party, assured Nadler. In his view, the documents will allow lawmakers to “fulfill their constitutional responsibilities and decide how to respond” to Muller’s findings regarding Trump’s actions.

As noted by Nadler, he suspends the process of charging the US Department of justice with contempt of Congress, which threatened this Department with a prosecution. If the Ministry of Justice cooperates with the Committee in good faith, “there will be no need for further steps,” the Congressman added.