Washington has published a list of goods and products from the European Union, on which may introduce additional duties in response to subsidizing Airbus.

The office of the US representative for trade negotiations Robert Lighthizer published a list of goods and products from the EU, on which may be subject an additional duties. The list of 14 pages, in particular, includes helicopters, aircraft and accessories, food (cheeses, cookies, jams, seafood), juices, non-alcoholic beer, wine, carpets and more. Restrictions may apply to goods imported from France, Germany, Spain and the UK.

So Washington is going to respond to subsidies from the European Union and its four States — Germany, France, Spain and the UK concern Airbus— European competitor of the American Corporation Boeing. According to us authorities, the country’s economy is losing 11 billion dollars a year due to these actions of Europeans. The world trade organization (WTO) is now assessing this request of Washington on fees, said earlier Lighthizer.

Complaints about the legality of subsidies received by Boeing from the US and Airbus from the EU were sent to the WTO on the same day — on October 6, 2004. Since then, the US and the EU have alternately accused each other of illegally providing subsidies to their aircraft manufacturers.

In May 2018, the WTO recognized the EU subsidies for Airbus as a violation of Boeing’s interests. The US then immediately threatened the EU with penalties. In March 2019, the WTO sided with the EU, saying that the US provided illegal financial support to Boeing.