The measures will be taken as part of the fight against climate change, Reuters notes.

The administration of U.S President Joe Biden is discussing the possibility of setting the year 2050 as a milestone, after which American aviation will abandon the use of fossil fuels as part of the fight against climate change. This was reported on Tuesday by the Reuters news agency, citing sources familiar with the situation.

The United States expects that by 2050, airlines will fly only on fuel from renewable resources, said two sources who wished to remain anonymous. Discussions are still at the initial stage; other details are unknown.

The presidential administration confirmed that the issue of using more environmentally friendly fuels is under consideration but did not comment on the information that changes are planned for 2050.

“The administration is committed to improving the climate in every sector and segment of the economy, taking into account the urgency dictated by the climate crisis,” said Ali Zaidi, Deputy Adviser to the President on climate Issues.

The United States and Europe are trying to find ways to stimulate the production and use of fuel from renewable sources, which costs several times more expensive than standard aviation. Eco-friendly aviation fuel, made from raw materials such as used vegetable oil and animal fat, currently accounts for only a tiny amount compared to the share of the total use of aviation kerosene.