The commander of the US Coast guard Admiral Karl Schultz sent a letter to his subordinates with a warning that in connection with the suspension of the Federal government (“shutdown”) they will not receive a salary. In the message he noted that, as far as he knew, this case is unprecedented in the history of the country.

“Today you will not get your regular salary. Thus, as far as I know, for the first time in the history of our nation, employees of the US armed forces were not paid wages during the termination of budget funding,” — said in a letter posted on Tuesday on the website of the US Coast guard.

Schultz noted that he is aware of the concern that this situation causes for employees and their families, and in this regard, on their behalf, close cooperation with a number of organizations is carried out. “In this regard, I am pleased to report that [a non – profit charitable organization] Coast Guard Mutual Assistance has received a $ 15 million donation from USAA to support our people in need of assistance,” he added.

Since December 22, 2018 in the United States partially suspended the work of the Federal government due to lack of budget funds. This was due to the fact that the Republicans and Democrats in Congress failed to agree on the parameters of the budget, in which Trump and his party members in an ultimatum want to include funds for the construction of the barrier on the border with Mexico. Democrats say they will never approve the allocation of money from the Federal Treasury. The administration of the Republican Trump demands to allocate 5.7 billion dollars from the budget for these purposes.