American General John Hyten called for accelerating the modernization of the armed forces after the failure of an operation simulating military operations.

According to Defense One, we are talking about practicing maneuvers that simulated a war with China. During a speech at the Institute of Emerging Technologies at the National Defense Industry Association, Hyten noted that the US military “failed miserably.”

The general stressed that the reason for the failure was a thorough study by the “rival” of the capabilities of the American army. He also said that the military failed to establish “information dominance” — this strategy, according to him, has long been considered effective in the United States against Russia and China.

“Imagine what our real rivals have been doing over the past twenty years. <…> We had to take a step back,” the Defense News portal quotes him as saying. The results of the maneuvers forced the Pentagon to think about changing the strategy of conducting combat operations. According to Stars and Stripes, Hyten also said that the chances of the United States succeeding in a real confrontation with an opponent like China are “rapidly decreasing.”

The general voiced some “ambitious demands” to improve the US military power and added that the prevention of war with Russia and China allegedly depends on how ready the Americans are for it.