The Office of the Director of the US National Intelligence (ODNI) was criticized after the publication of a report on the results of the inclusive personnel policy for the past year.

So, the indignation of readers was caused by the cover of the document, which depicts employees dressed in a business style. As it turned out, for this purpose, the department took a stock photo and edited it, adding figures of people with disabilities. We are talking about a woman in a wheelchair and a man with a cane and a guide dog.

“The worst use of Photoshop of the year,” Asaad Hanna wrote.

“Diversity exists only in stock photos. Hiring managers hire their clones,” Nothindoin noted.

“I’m willing to bet that somewhere on their website it says:” Our organization provides equal opportunities and does not allow discrimination based on race, gender, and so on,” another commentator says ironically.

Another reader joked that the creation of this image was done by the same “photo shopped” guy with glasses and a guide dog.

“Our government absolutely sucks in everything except wars,” Seattle_FTW believes.

Another user noticed that she could edit the photo better,” despite her age and lack of photo shop skills.”