President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky at a meeting in Kyiv with US Senator Robert Portman (Republican from Ohio) spoke about the needs of the Ukrainian army in new weapons systems.

“He [Zelensky] spoke frankly about the bravery of his troops, as well as their needs for weapons systems and basic conditions. We talked about the Russian propaganda along the Eastern border and the efforts to suppress the signals of the broadcasting television of Ukraine in order to sow seeds of discord among the residents of Donbas, — the Senator said, talking about the meeting held on May 30. — We talked about some ideas that will help counter this propaganda, interference, and disinformation, and I have already contacted the state Department about these ideas.”

Portman spoke positively about Zelensky and noted that he was “impressed by the meeting” with him, and also called the conversation productive. “We talked for about an hour and discussed a wide range of topics,” the Senator said.

He also spoke about his conversation with the recently appointed chief of the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine Ruslan Khomchak. “We had an open and detailed conversation about how the United States can help the Ukrainian army. I have already begun to discuss with my colleagues in the armed forces Committee [US Senate] and the Administration of [US President Donald] Trump these details and some of the requests he made,” Portman said.