A bill DETER (“the deterrence of foreign intervention in the election”) received the unanimous support of the Senate of the United States, the newspaper The Hill writes.

The document provides for a ban on obtaining a US visa for those who were convicted of interfering in the US elections. It is both a violation of the laws on voting and the financing of the election campaign and interference under the leadership of a foreign state.

Senators Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin introduced the bill. After the vote in the Senate, Graham said that the document — a signal that the United States will not tolerate the intervention of foreign States in their elections.

“In 2016, we saw Putin’s Russia try to strike at the heart of our democratic values and freedoms, which Americans are so proud of. By banning foreigners from entering the United States who interfere in our elections, America declares to all opponents that it will not tolerate anything like this,” Graham said.

The Hill notes that the vote for DETER was another attempt by some senators to arouse interest in the topic of fair elections. At the same time, the publication indicates that it did not cause much enthusiasm among the leaders of the Republican Party.

Now DETER must approve in the House of Representatives, after which the document will be submitted for signature to the US President.