The Trump administration demands that undocumented immigrants not be counted.

The US Supreme Court will begin considering the Donald Trump administration’s claim, which is trying to exclude illegal immigrants in the national census.

The administration argues that the Constitution and the United States’ federal laws allow the President to take this step. US President Donald Trump has long insisted that illegal immigrants should not be counted. If the Supreme Court rules in his favor, it will probably increase the number of seats that Republicans will control in the House of Representatives in the next ten years – before the next census.

Federal courts in New York, California, and Maryland have previously ruled the administration’s actions unconstitutional. Democrats argue that the Trump plan’s implementation will lead to an unfair distribution of seats in the House of Representatives.

Usually, the census continues until December 31, but this time, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Congress extended it until April 2021. The Trump administration has previously demanded that the census be completed in the usual period.