China will face international isolation if it refuses to cooperate on the issue of investigating the origin of the coronavirus, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said in an interview with Fox News.

“Diplomatic preparatory work – uniting the peoples of the world, exerting political and diplomatic pressure on China is the main part of the efforts that we are making to ultimately put China in front of a tough choice: either they will act responsibly and thus allow the investigators to do real work and find out where it (coronavirus) came from, or they will face isolation from the international community,” he stressed.

At the same time, Sullivan drew attention to the fact that the United States in investigating the nature of the origin of the coronavirus will not rely solely on China, but will analyze intelligence data and other work to find out how a new type of virus arose and spread around the world.

The US continues to accuse China of refusing to cooperate in the study of the origin of COVID-19, suspecting that the virus could be the result of a leak from a Wuhan laboratory.