US President Joe Biden will announce on Thursday the end of American support for the fighting in Yemen, Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said at a White House briefing.

“Today, he (President Biden) will announce the end of US support for offensive operations in Yemen,” Sullivan said, announcing Biden’s speech at the State Department on foreign policy, which is expected later on Thursday.

As the Wall Street Journal reported earlier on Thursday, citing informed sources, Biden intends to appoint Timothy Lenderking as the US special representative for Yemen.

In Yemen, since August 2014, active military operations have continued between government forces on the side of President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi and the Houthis. The Saudi-led coalition has been fighting on Hadi’s side since March 2015. In response to the ongoing coalition airstrikes on positions and areas under the Houthis’ control in northern Yemen, they launch ballistic missiles and explosive-laden drones at areas bordering Yemen in Saudi Arabia, as well as destroy Saudi-led military drones.